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2014-09-18, 12:10 AM
I'm using uTorrent and I'd like to know how to seed a recording on multiple trackers at one time. I've tried clicking on the "multiple tracker" option on the drop-down menu but it didn't work (the last time I tried it was a while ago and I forgot what I did). I'm probably just doing something wrong, but what am I doing wrong?

2014-09-18, 12:24 AM
For me it works with U-Torrent (u torrent, version 2.2.1)
When I have a torrent, already seeded on one tracker and I want to seed it on another tracker, there opens a little Window with a warning sign from u-torrent, that this torrent is already on the torrent - list for seeded torrents and if I am sure that I want to seed it on another tracker as well. I simply click on YES and the torrent will be seeded on the other trtacker simultaneously
Hope that helps as an answer.

2014-09-18, 06:34 AM
^Works for me too. Though I've given up on most other trackers.

2014-09-18, 10:50 AM
Qbittorrent ... it just works right no ads/spam poop...

2014-09-19, 08:15 PM
I actually meant to say that I use Trader's Little Helper to make my torrent files, and I don't know to load multiple trackers in the Announce List. I'd like to seed the recording at dime, here, and on etree.

2014-09-19, 08:19 PM
Put it up here, click on the torrent file. Put it up there and click on the torrent file. Put it up somewhere else click on the torrent file. You have to do each one separately. There's no way to do it all at the same time. :wave:

2014-09-19, 08:24 PM
Thanks for the quick answer! But with TLH when you select Single Tracker there's a drop down list of trackers to choose from--will choosing TTD screw up the torrents at dime and etree?

I just tried to upload the TTD torrent file at dime and got this error message:

Invalid announce URL. Must be http://bt.dimeadozen.org/announce.php

2014-09-20, 12:20 AM
you have to create a seperate torrent file for each tracker !
Than it work like mdshrk1's and I have told you above.
It's an easy way, if you create the torrents files with TLH
Don't fool around with multible tracker torrent files, just create a new one for each and every tracker site where you wanna seed your torrent
You will see that this works smoothely

2014-09-20, 06:50 AM
Thanks A-l-l-a-n-o-n.....It's been so long that I forgot that part about new torrent for each tracker.....:wave:

2014-09-20, 07:33 AM
you have to create a seperate torrent file for each tracker !

Thank you. I actually did that last night with mixed results. I seeded the first torrent here and the second one at dime but they were recognized by uTorrent as two different filesets. When I seeded it to etree, uTorrent recognized something and asked me something (I wish that I would have copied what it said, but it was late and I was tired) and it consolidated the TTD and etree filesets into one torrent...so I've got one fileset in uTorrent for the dime torrent and one fileset for for the TTD and etree torrents. Kinda weird, but two is better than three.

2014-09-20, 07:43 AM
That is strange. I used to do DIME and here with no problem. Did you change anything?

2014-09-21, 08:31 AM
Nothing was changed. The only difference was that I put all of the torrent files in different folders since they all had the same name.

2014-09-21, 11:23 AM
TTD and Dime use passkeys. I'm pretty sure etree does not. So, for seeding, you must create separate torrent files - they cannot share because it would mess it up when trying to insert the passkey into the torrent file.

I'm not that familiar with uTorrent, but can you select both torrents in your window and find an option to combine them?

2014-09-21, 09:21 PM
TTD and Dime use passkeys. I'm pretty sure etree does not. So, for seeding, you must create separate torrent files - they cannot share because it would mess it up when trying to insert the passkey into the torrent file.

I'm not that familiar with uTorrent, but can you select both torrents in your window and find an option to combine them?

Thanks for the official explanation. And I just tried your suggestion, but I didn't see any options to do that on the toolbar or when right-clicking on the two torrents.

2015-06-30, 02:12 AM
Here's my similar question with all the detail I could come up with. Probably should post as a new question/topic, but since it's related I'll start here at least:

This is a question I've been wondering about for quite a while.

First of all, I'm using Vuze as my torrent tracker client. I love it.

I often see the same identical torrents seeded on multiple trackers, TTD and Dime for instance. Since I have a lot more ratio bandwidth on Dime than I do on TTD, I sometimes download on Dime, then help seed on TTD. If the folders are named differently, as they often are, then I'll just download from Dime, keep seeding there, then start downloading from TTD (without actually downloading the files, just so I can see the folder structure, files and exact file sizes). I then very carefully compare the file names and sizes of each folder to make sure everything is exact. If all matches exactly, I will then copy the files I got from Dime to the TTD folder. IF the folders are named differently, then I will then delete and restart the TTD download. Vuze (my torrent client) will then check the files to make sure they're the same (better than me, I'm sure), and if it all matches then it shows as complete and starts seeding. My purpose here is twofold: 1. To help seed, and 2. To improve my ratio on TTD which is much lower as I haven't used in near as much as Dime. This only applies if the folder names are different.

If the folder names are THE SAME, it's a bit different. I still go through the file structure and file name & size comparison. If the folder(s), files & sizes are the same, which they often are, AND THE FOLDER NAME IS THE SAME, then in Vuze I cannot add the torrent again because even though they're from two different trackers (Dims & TTD), Vuze sees them as identical and tells me I've already added the torrent. So in these cases I've found that I can right click on the original torrent in Vuze, select "Control"(menu), select the "Tracker/Torrent" option, select "Add Tracker URL(S)", then enter http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/tracker/announce.php?passkey=0b291075f4ef624b42afdd7a166fa2f8" for TTD. When I do this, Vuze does it's normal "file check" (says Checking xx.x%), then if all is well it shows both trackers on my seed. I've just now started attempting this method. While Vuze does show both trackers under the torrent detail "Sources" for the seed, at the moment I'm only seeing the Seeds and Leechers detail for the Dime tracker. I see the proper Peers number for both, but no Seeds and Leechers detail for TTD.

First, is this acceptable, in general? I know that on rare occasions, certain seeders sometimes ask that you don't help seed, so I don't attempt this if I see that request. I don't want to violate some type of seeding code.

Second, is this procedure proper, as I've described? It seems to work fine but I'd like to be sure and don't want to potentially screw something up for myself or anyone else. I haven't done any Google research. A brief bit of research just now found this (this thread!) but it isn't very clear to me:

If anyone can share any insight into this process, I would appreciate it. I'm posting this question here because this is one of the torrents I've found on both Dime and TTD that have identical folder names. I'll post this question/comment on both TTD and Dime.

An example of a torrent which has the IDENTICALLY NAMED FOLDER on both Dime and TTD is here:

An example of a torrent which has differently named folders on Dime and TTD is here:

Again, if I'm doing something wrong or this is frowned upon or can potentially cause some kind of issues, I apologize in advance and will cease this activity. I'm just trying to find out how to properly do this type of multiple tracker seeding idea, etc. etc. and have been wondering about this for quite a while.

Thank you!