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Uncle Ven
2005-08-25, 11:12 PM
I have tried unsuccessfully to find any good freeware converters that will allow me to convert from APE to .wav-

any help/links would be appreciated.

2005-08-25, 11:20 PM
What seems to be the problem? What errors are you getting? What application are you using? What OS?

2005-08-26, 07:11 AM

Alfie Noakes
2005-08-26, 06:55 PM

Try the above link for Traders Little Helper - a great decoder that will do for FLAC,SHN & APE files.Remember to download the update as well - I think it tells you on the page anyway.

Uncle Ven
2005-08-28, 11:03 PM
THe problem was that I didnt have any freeware that decoded .ape files- and I had seperate programs to decode shn and flac-

so I looked at Alfie's reccomendation and dowloaded trader's little helper- and it works GREAT.

I dont come across many APE files- but there's a guy who post's bootlegs of the band "LIVE" and he seems to prefer APE

thanks for the help everyone- and if you havent looked at TLH as a decoder - be sure to check it out!

2005-08-31, 05:17 AM
thx soo much 4 the help u posted about APE conversion with traders little helper.....have been looking on net for help with same prob,have seperate converters for shn,and flac...but just got sum APE files and didnt know how to decode....do now!!!new to this forum today...and think its great :)