View Full Version : Why the difference between Utorrent seed Ratio & the TTD seed Ratio?

2014-07-17, 05:05 PM
Just noticed something, I’ve been seeding back a 8.45 gig torrent for 2 days 18 hrs & on uTorrent it says I’ve seeded 22.2 gigs but at my TTD profile it says I’ve UL 8.96, am I doing something wrong?


2014-07-18, 08:29 AM
Could be the tracker doesn't update as quick as your torrent client

Or maybe some asshole gave out the actual torrent file to a non member and you just seeded to them sans ratio

2014-07-19, 10:01 PM
If you ever stop the torrent, then TTD's number (shown in the thread) will start again at 0. The total from before will be added to your stats, but every time you start the torrent client again, TTD will show 0 again.