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2005-08-22, 08:08 AM
Hey everybody I'm back, and I have several shows I would like to torrent for everybody. I tried looking in the faq for a link that explains how to make a torrent, but I could not find one. I hope my screen reader will work with the program that used to make torrents. Can somebody please point me to a link in the faq? Because I'm ready to torrent shows in a big way, I hope you're ready.

2005-08-22, 09:08 AM
check some of the links on that page. you can also search the technobabble forum for something like "create a torrent" or similar, and you should get plenty of info...

if not post back here and someone can walk you thru.


2005-08-22, 11:26 AM
Hey donovana,

Here are a couple of links you will want to check out prior to seeding:

The Audio Bit Torrent Seeding Policy (http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/faq.php?faq=new_faq_item#faq_rules) - this discusses the rules on the site such as the need to include fingerprints and lineage on all threads (if you have problems figuring out the lineage, just holler and we will help you)

The Audio Bit Torrent Seeding Guide (http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/faq.php?faq=rules#faq_audioguide) - this shows step-by-step the process that goes into creating your torrent and has some links to software for creating the fingerprints and also a link to a tutorial on creating a torrent file using Azureus

If you need specify help for your software, post what software you are using (such as the client you use to download the shows, the application you use to decompress to wav or to burn).

2005-08-23, 03:17 AM
Hey everyone thank you so much for responding to my message. This is a fantastic community man.

I feel looking back at my first post that I did not explain my ssituation very well, so I'll try again. I read over the rules and bt audio policy as requested, and eventually I'll rip shows, and do all that, but I am faced with a different set of circumstances. I took a 3 week vacation in Texas last month. I went out and purchased an 80 gig u s b drive, took it on the trip with me. 2 day's later, my friend had my drive full of rare shows for me to seed, because he does the same thing. these shows are in flac and shn format, so the files have already been made. I plan on seeding all 80 gigs worth, if they meet then somehow create the finger prints for the shows? I read through all that material, and it seems pretty complex. Their's a lot I just didn'[t understand. I also read through a finger prince file on a show that I had downloaded from a seed here, and all it was was a lot of numbers, symbles, and numbers, and letters. I'm just not sure what the next step is, since I already have all 80 gigs of shows ready to go. I can't wait to seed all 80 gigs worth.with your standards that is. Is the next sstep then to

2005-08-23, 04:35 AM
Hey everyone I think I may have something here. Here is a text file pasted into this message from a show that I want to seed, my first offering, of many. The leaniage is inside the text file though, although I guess I could cut this info to the clipboard, and paste it in. Please tell me if this show will work. Thanks all for your patience, and help.


Knebworth Park, Stevenage, UK. 9th August 1986.

Artist: Queen
Date: 9th August 1986
Source: AUD/SBD?
(I am a Linux User so EAC is not an option for me. CdParanoia is the Linux equivalent and just as good)

This is another Request by someone on the board. Queens Last Concert!. Everyone! awwww. End of an era. Although I am not a fan of the 86 tour and think by and large it was a money making tour with a greatest hits setlist, we do still have to acknowledge that this was the last one.

Last Time Freddie did a "Day-o"
Last Time he sang "Give it to me one more time!"
Last Time he sang "Fried chicken!"

so Here it is. Sound quality is good, Hope you enjoy it!

Size: 718MB

Covers Included

Disc 1:
Total time 64,58

One vision
Tie your mother down
In the lap of the gods
Seven seas of rhye
A kind of magic
Under pressure
Another one bites the dust
Who wants to live forever
I want to break free
Now Im here
Love of my life

Disc 2:
Total time 49,03

Is this the world we created
Youre so square (Baby I dont care)
Hello Mary Lou
Tutti frutti
Bohemian rhapsody
Hammer to fall
Crazy little thing called love
Radio ga ga
We will rock you
Friends will be friends
We are the champions
God save the queen



My Trade list is at http://www.QueenCD.free-online.co.uk if anyone has any requests,

All The Best

(This torrent Originally came from http://www.Queenzone.com . No matter where you downloaded it from. Please do the site owner the courtesy of visiting his site.)

2005-08-23, 11:04 AM
donovana, the only change I would make in the lineage to make it more accurate is:

Lineage CDR(x)--->CDParanoia--->FLAC

CDR(x) mean unknown generation of CDR.

Every file has a unique 'fingerprint'. These are denoted as a 32 digit hexadecimal number (those numbers and letters you noted). After you have burned these files to a CD or moved them to another computer, or basically, done *anything* with your flac/shn files, you can use a program such as Traders' Little Helper to do a 'check' of these files against the fingerprint you have. It will verify that nothing happened to the files when you burned/moved/whatevered them. Also, since these are unique, just by taking a quick look at this fingerprint file, you can tell if you have the same copy of flacs/shns as someone else does.

So, you can take your flac files, put them into Traders' Little Helper and ask it to generate the flac fingerprints for you. It will give you a text file output. You will open it up and copy/paste the contents into the fingerprints box on the Upload page. You may also include this text file in the torrent you make.

I hope that helps a bit more.

2005-08-23, 11:38 AM
I don't know if Trader's Little Helper runs under WINE or whatever but you can create a set of fingerprints by cd'ing to the directory containing your FLAC files and running:

$ metaflac --show-md5sum *.flac > ffp.txt

Assuming you have metaflac installed of course :)

Obviously you should have the resultant file named something more specific than ffp.txt but I'm sure you get the general idea.

2005-08-24, 08:49 AM
Quick message to the moderators. Could you pplease leave this forum open for at least a few more day's? I am going to try and put my first torrent together very soon, and I may need some direction, and assistance. First I will try and get finger prints for the first show I want to torrent/seed. Now I'm off to find that traders little helper program. Looks like that one will work the best. Thanks all for your help, and I will be back soon with further updates.

2005-08-24, 09:06 AM
traders little helper http://thor.prohosting.com/roh0205/

to make fingerprints for yer flac files...
open TLH
click "create checksum" tab
browse to the folder you wanna create it for
add all of the flac files
click create.

2005-08-24, 10:53 AM
And donovana, we don't close the threads here in Technobabble, so it should be here for you when you have more questions.

2005-08-25, 02:52 AM
traders little helper http://thor.prohosting.com/roh0205/

to make fingerprints for yer flac files...
open TLH
click "create checksum" tab
browse to the folder you wanna create it for
add all of the flac files
click create.
just before you click "create" you have to switch the fingerprint type to what you want. default is "md5 sig" which is .md5 which we are only recommending for video now. switch it to "flac fp" to generate .ffp and "md5 fp" to generate .st5 checksums. use .st5 for all audio file types, and you can add .ffp for FLAC sets. You can still include oldschool .md5 files with SHN sets but we mainly want the .st5/.ffp.

2005-08-26, 04:29 AM
Hello I am stuck. I got the finger prints created, as far as I know, everything is all set to go. What is the difference between the announce thread http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/tracker/announce.php and the special upload page you created for the torrent upload in bt downloads? I tried to access the ttutorials link for creating a torrent using azerious but I received an error that said the page does not exist. When I opened azerious it somehow had the tracker url already filled in for me, but I can't get this torrent created. I am very ancious to get going on this, I want to make this work. Thjanks for all help.

2005-08-26, 05:00 AM
the difference between the announce thread http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/tracker/announce.php and the upload page is that you use the announce url when creating the .torrent file and you attach the .torrent on the special upload page. I have never used Azureus to create a torrent, I have only used MakeTorrent (http://krypt.dyndns.org:81/torrent/maketorrent/index.phtml)

2005-08-26, 05:16 AM
Man I am almost their. I filled out the form on the special upload place, but I submitted it before I realized I didn't attach the torrent. I didn't seee the attach torrent button until it was too late. I then tried filling out the form again, and when I clicked on the atttach torrent button, Windows xp came up with a message that said a pop up window was blocked, and it would not pull up that page. I am having a serious problem on this site with this. I usually get around this by right clicking the link, then choosing open in new window, but it wouldn't work this time. How can I get my torrent up here man? I am so close, this is getting frustrating.

2005-08-26, 11:24 AM
Hey everybody check this out. I woke up this morning, and finally got it to work. I just hope I didn't forget anything, and that my seed dodoes comply with the policies on this site. If it doesn't, please pull it, and I will try it again. That was a trip and a wonderful feeling when I actually saw it on the site under the new shows being seeded. I just hope people will get it, man that was a lot of work, and I was beginning to think I wasn't going to be able to getter done.

Like I've said gbbefore, I've got 80 gigs worth to seed on here. I might need some additional help with other shows, this was only my first torrent, so I might ask for more help. I love that little traders helper, that's a great program. I wish I could talk with the person who created it, I think he had blind ppeople in mind when he created it, becfause it works very well with Jaws. The Azerious program worked just enough for me to get the job done and their were some check boxes concerning hashing that I didn't check, because I didn't understand them. I think I need to find a different torrent creater that works well with Jaws. Thanks for all your help, and if you guys like Queen, please stop by man.

2005-08-26, 11:27 AM

The way to attach the torrent file is to hit the attach button as it appears you did. It then pops up a new smaller window for you to browse to the torrent on your computer and then attach it. Can you allow pop-ups for this site? Or so a control+click on the attach button to allow that pop-up (I'm not sure what browser you are using, so I'm not sure what the keystroke combo would be).

You're doing well! Hang in there, we'll get you through this. :)