View Full Version : New to forum and slightly confused....

Chris lund
2014-05-29, 04:16 PM
Just looking to ask. I have this file available to upload but new
On here and im slightly worried about wether me
Uploading the file is safe and what the risks are?? If anyone else who had uploaded before on here would like to upload it, i can provide a download link to them
Via pm...they can they download and upload the file itself if they wish.

If someone could get back to me and explain because the faq didnt really answer my questions in full, thank you all and sorry for the stupid questions but bear with me haha.


Chris lund
2014-05-29, 05:23 PM
actually, can a mod pm me please, id like to speak to them generally about the rules and stuff and me downloading/sharing. i dont want to become a leech unwittingly....id let some guidance, cheers

2014-05-30, 12:09 AM
I already replied to your PM.

The best place to post questions to all mods is in Technobabble.

If you search on your question, you will see we don't ban users for low ratios. We encourage all users to do what they can to share - get a large ratio, do B&Ps, give out freebies, help in Technobabble, or donate funds.