View Full Version : NEW TO THIS..HOW DO I D/L SHOWS??

2014-05-23, 06:58 PM
I'm new to this and thought i could become a member than start d/l and u/l shows. but that's not at all as easy as i thought. Figured you'd follow a link and d/l.
w/ it being a Torrent (im new to torrent's)do i have to have something like UTorrent to even d/l or u/l?? also if thats the case, what do i do??
d/l utorrent, then what?

2014-05-23, 09:32 PM
If you are not familiar w the whole process of file sharing read the FAQ section on this site especially the BitTorrent Help section.

Another useful site to look at is-


You do need to read through the howto/wiki sections to get a feel for how things work. Good luck. It is fun.

2014-05-24, 05:24 AM