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2014-05-20, 04:21 PM
so I have all these DVDs made in Toast...OUR usual VIDEO_TS stuff with VOBs and such included.

how do I make clips of single songs so I can post them on line???

If I can get this together I will post clips of my old bands The Senators From Earth and Brother Theresa. some crazy shit up in there.

mac user.

2014-05-20, 05:12 PM
If you want to do it with freeware, I would use dvd shrink and reauthor. Find the frames you want to start and end the clips with. This will make a new file edited from your master files. Then I would convert it to a a more streaming friendy smaller video file. It is a very simple process.

2014-05-20, 05:14 PM
I use virtualdub to make clips or remove commercials etc. but I'm on Windows

here's a link to their mac version, hope it works out, wanna see your band! :wave:

sorry never mind, I don't trust that link, search virtualdub for Mac and check some of the stuff that comes up, everything I see seems to say avidemux is best for Mac

2014-05-20, 05:32 PM
I see the creators of VLC media player make a movie editor too that is cross platform and has a great gui. Of all the names out there I sort of trust that group. I was looking on sourceforge, another site I trust for free help/software and it lead me there.


"Read most file formats and can export to most formats"

2014-05-20, 05:32 PM
the convert is an issue too Vlad.

2014-05-20, 05:35 PM
I was screwing around with VLC yesterday but I was good and drunk. I can ask my kid too.

aha my version of VLC is newer than the one I used last night and can do what I want...cool beans!

big thanks, but beware what has been unleashed!

2014-05-20, 05:40 PM
there are plenty of free programs to convert. point and click. real easy - though I am PC and not mac

2014-05-20, 05:42 PM
Vlad, not from VIDEO_TS there are not. but VLC will work.

2014-05-21, 07:33 AM
I know the OP is on a Mac, but for those using PCs I recommend using VideoReDo TV Suite.


You can easily cut out tracks from a DVD's video_ts folder and it does it without loss and frame accurate.

You really shouldn't be converting your VOB/MPEG file into another format, just so you can upload it to YouTube. YouTube accepts the DVD format so just upload the original VOB/MPEG file that comes out of VideoReDo.

2014-05-27, 05:46 AM
MPEG Streamclip does a great job of opening VIDEO TS files. You can open just one file, or the whole DVD. Then set in and out points, choose which audio stream, and save the file as .mov. I use it all the time, although I usually use it to demux it's very easy and free.


Ps. It's a mac program