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2014-04-24, 11:23 AM
Hey all,
I'm wondering if any of you might be able to suggest equipment that would allow me to transfer both digital and analog source material ultimately into FLAC files for long-term archiving?

Optimally I'd like to get an outboard unit that I could go directly from my Nakamichi via RCA and then connect the output via USB 2.0 to my computer for file editing and conversion to FLAC.

I also would like to run SPDIF from a variety of DAT players into the unit and then also USB 2.0 into my computer.

I would rather not get an internal sound card for these purposes.

What is the current thinking about upsampling? Should it be done automatically by this external rig or should I do it with computer software?

PC-based system. I'm pretty familiar with an older version of Soundforge and could update that for editing and potentially resampling.


2014-04-26, 07:33 AM
numerous options out there for AD/DA conversion, guess it depends on yer budget and features yer lookin for...if all ya want is simple transfers via RCA/SPDIF i would personally go with an MAudio Audiophile 2496 -- *much* less issues that can arise with a dedicated PCI interface vs a FW/USB AI

but if yer set on USB unit, it *really* depends on yer budget...for the cheap end -- Presonus, MAudio, Roland/Edirol all have gear that'll do what yer lookin for [i used a Edirol UA5 for years, great piece of gear when on a budget]

if ya wanna move up a bit to more "studio quality" -- Focusrite, MOTU, SoundDevices

2014-04-26, 07:34 AM
oh and keep in mind, a lot of the newer gear isn't gonna have RCA ins...but as long as they've got 1/4" ins, you can just use RCA>1/4" cables or connectors

2014-05-25, 03:17 AM
You could consider Tascam card recorders. These will record WAV files to SD or CF cards. Copy the WAVs to PC and use TLH to convert to FLAC.

Or look on the pro audio websites for a USB audio interface, such as this


2014-05-25, 03:44 AM
Using a standalone recorder means you just need the cassette/DAT and audio recorder in close proximity, and then you take the SD/CF card to the computer.

Using a USB interface means having the computer in the same room as the HiFi, which is a no-no for me.

2014-05-25, 11:02 AM
also RCA's are analog and if you have DAT's you'll want to transfer them digitally and keep the gene pool clean.

there are so many options check the flac website for ideas to start with ..
and tapersection.com for gear and info for doing so..

2014-05-26, 03:57 AM
also RCA's are analog and if you have DAT's you'll want to transfer them digitally and keep the gene pool clean.

A USB interface like the one I linked to is required, then....

Or something like a Tascam