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2014-03-02, 03:30 PM
Now that we've moved almost everything to our media server at home, it's time for the LIVE collection to do the same, with itunes being the primary music interface.

Now then... I have about 1400 or 1500 (maybe more) CDs of LIVE shows, and a couple of hard drives with lots of yummy shows, too.

I feel fairly certain that itunes music database does not have access to any database of LIVE shows. So, for all you wizards and sages out there, are there any tools (software) that can help my quest to catalog all these discs, without having the hand transcribe each disc? Or is that just my karma to have to do so? :D

Thanks for any wisdoms!



2014-03-03, 12:32 AM
None to my knowledge (but what do I know). I've done mine individually - by hand.

2014-03-09, 09:52 PM
Not sure I'm clear about everything you're looking to do, but when it comes to truly cataloging huge hard disks and scads of burned discs, etc., for searching and finding things in your collection there's nothing I've found as good or as solid as WhereIsIt. I live and die by it with about 20 TB of stuff collected. It has a free evaluation download so you can see how it works, but I think it's worth many times its cost. Find it here:

Good luck!

2014-03-10, 04:13 PM
Search for a program called "Cathy". I got it from shnflac.net a few years ago, and it has handled up to 10,000 shows for me. With tweaking you might get more.

2014-03-16, 06:17 PM
I'm waiting for Pono to be released so I can say goodbye to Apple

2014-03-16, 06:42 PM
yeah, that will happen.