2014-02-15, 12:21 PM
HI, I have been transferring old vhs tapes to dvds. on a few of them I am unable to copy them either to my harddrive so I can work on uploading them or straight copies for friends. It seems I am able to make a dvd from the tapes but for some reason not all the info is on the dvd to make a copy.and I also have redone the dvd with the issue and there would be a different file not able to be copied. its either the info,bup or a vob file..could it be the old vhs tapes,my sony dvd recorder the dvds themselves or all or none of the above. also is there a program that could fixes these isssues...any help would be most appreciated.thank u for reading. scott libin

2014-02-15, 10:57 PM
Are the tapes you are attempting to copy original "officially" released tapes? In other words, on the back of the tape, is there a tab present in the lower right corner? So once you have an original DVD, does it play fine? If it plays fine, and you attempt to copy it, and it doesn't play the duplicate, there is probably an issue in the copying process. How are you making the duplicate?

2014-02-16, 08:07 AM
No.they are all bootlegs recorded on store bought vhs blanks.im using my sony vhs/dvd recorder in hq mode.

2014-02-17, 09:54 PM
Ok. How are you making the duplicate discs? Do the original DVD's playback with no issue on your player?

2014-02-18, 07:52 AM
could be a lot of things, there's numerous places in that chain where problems can occur...tough to tell from just the info provided

first try copying the orig DVDR discs to a different computer(s) -- if it copies fine then the problem is with your optical drive most likely...but if you have the same issues, we know its in the transfer/disc burn process

in addition to the ?s that xjsb125 asked above, it would help to know:
--what make/model is the VHS>DVD recorder?
--what brand & type [+R, -R, etc] discs are you using?
--what brand optical drive is in your computer?