View Full Version : Getting "unfirewalled"

2014-02-07, 07:36 AM
Can anyone help me get "unfirewalled". No trouble seeding at other sites but can't seem to seed here. Can download ok tho. Anyone?

2014-02-07, 08:49 AM
start by forwarding yer ports:

2014-02-07, 10:17 AM
Thanks man, I guess I'm OK to seed. Jus can't get rid of the firewalled under me name.

2014-02-07, 02:05 PM
If you are showing up fine on canyouseeme.org, try stopping your torrents and starting them again and see if the Firewalled sign goes away.

2014-02-08, 07:09 AM
This is what I get on canyouseeme.org...
Error: I could not see your service on on port (80)
Reason: Connection timed out

2014-02-08, 01:44 PM
When at canyouseeme.org you have to fill in the portnumber your client (uTorrent) is using, which according to our tracker is 45682

2014-02-08, 06:11 PM
I get:
Unable to complete the request
when I type in that port ##

2014-02-10, 10:57 AM
If canyouseeme can't see you using that port, then you really are firewalled.

And being firewalled doesn't mean you can't seed, it just means you can't seed to other users who are firewalled.

2014-02-19, 04:17 AM
When at canyouseeme.org you have to fill in the portnumber your client (uTorrent) is using, which according to our tracker is 45682

Does Vuze use the same port number? And this is applicable for all seeders and leechers - it won't vary on different machines and networks?

2014-02-19, 05:13 AM
Most Bittorrent clients usually associate the TCP port number 6881. However, if this port is busy for some reason, the client will instead try successively higher ports (6882, 6883, and so on up to a limit of 6999). Most problems with being firewalled are due to the use of a router.

Most newer routers often have the option of UPnP or NAT-PMP built in. This allows for automatic forwarding of ports. Many clients use a randomized port at startup by default. This means that your port number keeps changing every time and that your router may block this port (incoming connections) (being firewalled).

The best way to avoid this, is to uncheck the options of UPnP, NAT-PMP and randomizing port number from the client you are using. Then fill in a port number above 10000. Now you have to open this port numer in your router and address that port number to the client you are using. Go to canyouseeme.org filling in the port number and test your connection.

For most clients the best ports to use are 49152-65534