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2014-01-31, 11:52 AM
Can you store files on an external driver for seeding? I am running out of room on my main HD and don't want to remove files I have set for seeding. An external drive sounds like the answer. Thanks.

2014-01-31, 11:56 AM
Yes you can if you point the torrent to the files on the (turned on) external drive.

2014-01-31, 02:06 PM
Yes, I do it all the time, and the transfer speeds are the same. In fact, I have about 15 TB of video on externals on demand 24/7 at hubs. No difference in speeds.

2014-02-01, 10:25 AM
Thanks. Ok, now for the logistics of it. To change the setting, I have to have BT running, right? So, do I copy the files to the external drive, then change the setting "Location of downloaded files: Put new downloads in: "?

And will all the past downloads be affected by that setting, or just new ones? There is a second checkbox below that one that says "Move completed downloads to: "
haven't used that yet. Thanks for putting up with the newbie questions.

2014-02-01, 10:32 AM
Are you trying to move files that are active? If so, disconnect them, move the folders to the external and re-connect to the new location. Be sure to delete the old files on your main HD once you are certain they have been successfully moved.

2014-02-01, 10:39 AM
Ok, is that done by the "Remove from list" setting?

2014-02-01, 10:43 AM
...not sure what you mean. To disconnect, yes "Remove". Are these your seeds? or are you merely staying active on a download? If they are active downloads it's simple, just re-download when files a moved, and redirect the torrent to the new location and the client will check it, and continue where you were at. ....I think.

2014-02-01, 10:56 AM
Ok, so I found a BT users guide so that I don't have to badger you guys with these questions, but just one more please. It says that if I move the files

"you might lose your accumulated statistics for each torrent job, but that does not mean you lose the statistics on the associated trackers, so do not fret about that."

I don't know if I understand the distinction. Say I have 3:1 ratio on a specified download and a 1:0 ratio overall. Does that mean that individual torrent will now be a 0:0, but the oveall won't change? If so, is there any practical meaning to that reset? Thanks.

2014-02-01, 10:57 AM
Vlad, all of mine are re-seeding I guess is the term, after downloading.

2014-02-01, 11:04 AM
Cool so just stop the torrents, remove from your client, move the folders to the external, and redownload the torrents, but direct them to the new folder location and they should continue to seed. This will free up the desired space on your main drive. Good luck!

2014-02-01, 11:56 AM
Make sure you do not modify the files, such as tag them.

Also I believe you direct Bittorrent to the folder where the folders are stored not the individual folders. See below


2014-02-01, 12:00 PM
yes...with some clients. with others, like bittornado (which I use) it should go to the individual folder. Good point. Thanks dasmueller.

2014-02-01, 12:46 PM
Glad to help. It's not often I can lend a hand w tech stuff but I ran into this the other day when attempting to join a torrent as a seeder for a show I downloaded several months earlier. Worked like a charm.

I believe what I had to do was to rejoin as if it was a brand new download and then point Bittorrent at the folder where it then resided. The key being joining as if it was new.