View Full Version : looking someone to convert audiotapes

2014-01-19, 10:46 AM
looking for a reliable audio converter person
to convert cassette to flac files
have many fm masters/low gens, tons of classic rock
will pay for cds and mailing costs
pm me if interested

2014-01-19, 03:51 PM
I got really good at doing it, but I'm too busy (and lazy! hahaha)

Actually, depending what you have musically, I might do a bit. Well, part of that bit. I'm way more into doing the analog steps to capture to digital than dealing with the files in digital. I'd be into doing raw analog transfers untracked, so you can separate the songs yourself. I'd give you 24/96 full tape side files that you can work on to finish...

But, like I say, I sort of already am way behind on other projects. I owe a couple of folks some stuff that I promised to work on, and I'm slipping. I've gotten to hate tracking out shows now! haha.

Why can't you do it yourself?

2014-01-19, 05:12 PM
thanks for the reply

i have tried myself and i just cannot sit and do them all
dont have the patience