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2013-12-30, 07:41 PM
In the Past few yrs I'v produced a number of DVDs om various topics ranging from 911, Vaccines, the Illuminati, Marxism, zionism, the Banking crisis, bitcoin etc with interviews from Alex Jones, Dr John Coleman, David Icke etc etc etc.
I give them away free as a way of letting people see stuff they wouldn't normally hear about in the mainstream media, They are generally well received, they are generally a bout 3hrs+ long in PAL Format.
I'm wondering about making these available for download, I've produced about 100 so far on various topics, approx 30 - 50 of those are Pretty good compilations, the early ones were not so good but some worth seeing.
I don't mind paying for some hosting but Torrents etc have me baffled, I might need about 300Gb worth of hosting.
Can htis be done free or relatively cheaply, also, I'd have difficulty uploading that amount of Data with my ISP,
so ideally, I suppose I could send the DVD for uploading by someone else.
What are my options.

2013-12-31, 01:35 AM
I'm not sure if I understand what you mean but I think usually the interview DVDs allowed here consist of one complete interview or broadcast special, not compilations of various interviews.

2013-12-31, 03:02 AM
this site is for live concert recordings only, not the type of videos you're compiling...your uploads would be a better fit at another site, good luck!

2013-12-31, 03:54 AM
For these kind of DVD's I think you are better of at the regular torrent sites or sites like wetransfer.com etc

2013-12-31, 05:06 AM
I don't think these DVDs are bootleg related. So upload to other sites, but not here!

2013-12-31, 08:57 AM
Your stuff is very interesting and would be appreciated greatly at DAIZ - Documentaries & Alternative Information Zone.