View Full Version : suggestions for free or purchased cd burning programs that include audio cleanig features?

2013-12-27, 09:57 PM
any suggestions for free or store bought audio cd burning programs that can clean up audio? i am currently using magxis 12.lately while burning cds it will record two songs then i get program message not responding while the graph bar is still moving from one track to the next.then i get a message succesful burn but when i play the cd back the first two songs play normal then3rd song through the rest of tracks is a bunch of static and nothing is on the rest of the cd but static. any body have any idea what the problem is. when i play a cd in windows media player the cd plays fine! help! do i need another audio burning program!

2013-12-28, 05:48 AM
I always use Nero and never have a problem :)

2013-12-28, 08:28 AM
I've never had problems with Nero and have also had success with a free program called cdburnerxp

Could be your disc drive is on the out too. If you need to 'clean up' your audio you should take care of that before beginning the burn process

2013-12-28, 09:50 AM
thanks for the suggestion on cd burning software, the computer i am using is a gateway which is 7yrs old and i think you maybe right about drive is on its last leg. i run disk optimizer and file cleanup,registery cleanup weekley.

2013-12-28, 11:22 AM
Yeah that's about the lifespan of those gateway/dell computers

I had one in 2005 I think and 2 years ago the motherboard caught fire for no reason

2013-12-30, 06:01 AM
they listed burning progs, but as for "audio cleaning" i'm assuming you mean audio editing/mastering...there's a million options out there, depends on what exactly yer looking to do...more info would be helpful