View Full Version : Torrent file size for Blu-ray too big

2013-11-24, 01:07 PM
I'm trying to post an audience-shot Blu-ray. The file size is just under 25gb. I've tried three different clients (Transmission, uTorrent and Azureus/Vuze) and they all produce a 236kb torrent file which seems too large to upload. I keep getting the message "Uploading File(s) - Please Wait" but nothing happens no matter how long I wait. :rolleyes:

The last Blu-ray I uploaded, the file size was 19gb and the torrent file was 196kb. Perhaps 200kb is the limit?

Not sure how to proceed... any suggestions welcome.

2013-11-24, 01:27 PM
make your .torrent file smaller.

there is a setting, when hashing, to set the number of pieces or similar. Less pieces = less hash strings = smaller torrent file.

2013-11-24, 01:27 PM
I always use maketorrent for blu ray it seems to make a smaller dot torrent file

2013-11-24, 10:50 PM
I experimented with several different clients. It seems the default piece size for most clients is 2048kb which in my case led to a torrent file of 236kb. In uTorrent I was able to double the piece size to 4096kb which resulted in a torrent file of 120kb which was fine.

Larger piece size = fewer pieces = less hash strings (whatever that means) = smaller torrent file


2013-11-24, 11:42 PM