View Full Version : Problem seeding

2013-11-12, 01:00 PM
I was able to download the torrent, but it was saved twice.

One folder has the video and all files then it appears again within that folder completely.

If I try and seed it continues to try and download.

if I delete the duplicate folder within that downloaded folder it always get replaced whenever I try and seed.

I have removed the torrent and started fresh a couple of times but it always does the same thing.

I'd like to seed the show but I need help to do that.


2013-11-12, 10:49 PM
So you uploaded a show and are having problems seeding? Did you then download the torrent file from the thread and then point it to the torrent directory parent?

2013-11-13, 02:37 AM
--remove the torrent for yer BT client's queue
--delete the duplicate folder within the folder
--click the .torrent file to restart yer BT client
--select the parent folder that the show's folder is in to check existing data [i.e. if the show's folder is in a folder called "Torrents" on yer desktop, select the "Torrents" folder as your save to location]

2013-11-13, 08:11 AM
Thanks it's working now.

Strange, I've been doing this since back in the days when stg was new. :hmm: