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2013-08-30, 05:34 PM
hi as any one trade with this guy he is from Russia is name is Marenin Mark Olegovich. ok we made a trade in april of 13th and I mail my dvds frist then he tell me he got my dvds the 15th of july that,s 13 weeks that,s no way it take this long to mail dvds from Canada to Russia I know the mail is slow in Russia but not that long I have trade with other traders from Russia it take 4 weeks to come ok now he tell me he mail my dvds the week of the 15th of july and now it,s the 30th of augs I don,t like do this to other traders but it as been to long I hope to get my dvds soon it,s up to you if you want to trade with this guy

2013-08-31, 02:50 AM
Do you know his nickname ?

2013-08-31, 06:37 AM
no I don,t know if he trade here I know is name is markus he trades megadeth dvds my other trader did online trade with him he did get is dvds from him but I did mail trade with him and still waiting I don,t think I will do other trade with traders from Russia I had other guy from Russia same way I final got my dvds from him when I putt a post here that was last year

2013-09-17, 01:58 PM
Ive traded with a guy from Russia before and it took 2 weeks for mine to get to him and over 5 months for his to get to me, there is hassle with Russian post and he did keep in contact but it is extremely slow, its best to use a tracker when trading to and from Russia

2013-09-19, 04:51 PM
hi thanks I hope that I get them I email him but he never email back to me

2013-09-20, 08:05 AM
If he doesnt email you back then i would be worried, theres no excuse for that, hopefully he sends your DVDs, if not then list him

2013-09-20, 09:58 PM
hi thanks I hope I do get them I know one other trader as email him and he never email back to him they only did online trade if I get them I will put post here

2013-10-05, 07:24 AM
still have not got any dvds

2013-11-22, 09:52 PM
hi I just want to let you know I final got the dvds today from markus thanks