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2013-08-25, 11:18 AM
okay how does one burn that to a disc that is playable in a stand alone..

lots of cool stuff on the Dime is coming up FLV.

thanks sports fan :cool:

2013-08-25, 12:44 PM
VLC will play it but you're going to have to convert it before you can burn.

Handbrake would probably convert it to a more useful format.

2013-08-26, 12:07 AM
if your player supports a format such as mp4, you could change its container from flv to mp4 without having to transcode it.

2013-08-26, 10:28 AM
Convert FLV to mp4 or DV using a free program called MPEG Streamclip. That should create burnable files for DVDs.