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halfstep greg
2013-08-10, 02:48 PM
Hey now it says I successfully uploaded a torrent and need my personalized torrent to seed I downloaded the one on the page ,opened it in utorrent and it still shows no seeds..

2013-08-10, 02:51 PM
See if the torrent, in your torrent app, shows 100% or if it is lower?

If 0% you need to tell the app to save the torrent where your seed files already are. It will see them and verify to 100%, then seed.

halfstep greg
2013-08-10, 02:59 PM
How do I make it do that?

halfstep greg
2013-08-10, 03:00 PM
how do I tell the APP??Utorrent?? to do that

2013-08-10, 03:03 PM
When you click the .torrent link to download it, choose 'open'

utorrent should then ask you where you want to save the files.

Choose to save in the location where you have the seed files stored.

halfstep greg
2013-08-10, 03:23 PM
Got it..but still not sure why it's two gigs???It is seeding this is a great recording!

2013-08-10, 03:50 PM
It's because you included both the WAV files and the flacs you made from them.

I pulled the torrent so you can try again.

Be sure to remove the WAV files from the folder before you create the .torrent file.
Only leave the files you want to torrent in the folder when creating the .torrent.

2013-08-10, 03:51 PM
Pretty good info here to learning to create and seed torrents:


halfstep greg
2013-08-10, 04:04 PM
ok..well it will be a while but I will try again..sigh

halfstep greg
2013-08-10, 05:22 PM
Hey now could ya pull it again still not right

2013-08-10, 05:40 PM
pulled it, no worries...took me a while to get all this figured out, once you've done it a few times it becomes routine

let us know if ya run into any more questions...cheers!

2013-08-10, 06:48 PM
i tried with bittorrent and i can't get torrent to realize my files here for some reason