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2013-07-30, 08:47 PM
First time seeder here, so I need some help. I'm trying to upload Pearl Jam's show from 7/19/13 at Wrigley Field, and I can't get my torrent file to upload when creating a new thread.

As I was going through the upload, I realized that the original file set only had an md5 checksum but not ffp or st5, so I had to create a new torrent file once i added the FLAC fingerprints. I never actually submitted the original torrent file, but did the creation of multiple torrent files interfere somehow?

Can someone help out here? Thanks in advance.

2013-07-30, 11:13 PM
what is the error message you get when trying to upload?

2013-07-31, 07:26 AM
Here's what the error says when I try to attach my updated torrent file to the "Upload Show" page:

"Upload of file failed. If this is a torrent upload failure, see list of common causes on the Upload Page."

I've checked the announce URL of the torrent file by opening in a text editor, and it appears to be correct. Here's what the top line of the torrent file says:


Edit - The URL above is automatically shortened, but it's not shortened in the torrent file.

Also, I'm using uTorrent on a Mac to create the torrent if that helps at all.

Let me know if you need any more info. Thanks!

2013-07-31, 11:05 PM
The torrent file got uploaded, but you didn't submit the thread, so things got messed up. I have removed the torrent file so you may try again.

2013-08-02, 06:56 AM
That did the trick - thanks for the help!