View Full Version : AIFF Conversion?

2013-05-17, 12:17 AM
I received a bunch of AIFF files. What is a very good program that can convert them to wav/flac. I have thousands of these files so presumably a good program that can convert in a short amount of time

2013-05-17, 12:36 AM
I use "Switch Sound File Converter" which is free to download and you can choose which output you want (MP3; WAV; FLAC etc)..... Easy to use, quick... and FREE !!!!!! .... regards to all..... bingomusic.

2013-05-17, 07:39 AM
aiff is basically Mac's version of a wav file [both are PCM]

the programs most traders use these days for converting to flac [or other formats] are Traders Little Helper [windows] and XLD or xACT [mac]...links to progs are here: