View Full Version : Help wanted: I got a lot of bluesconcerts that I need help to upload.

2013-03-26, 04:17 PM
Help wanted: I got a lot of bluesconcerts that I need help to upload. (Videos)

Is there any blueslovers out there?
I have problem with uploading torrents I knew how to do but my broadband leverator dont seams to acept that I upload torrents.
Anyway it just dont work.
So if there anybody out there thats like blues I uplod some concerts on You Tube, browse: Winteringhippie.
I use to travel arownd and shot concerts espesely from Blekinge and Skane in the soth of Sweden and from the area around Copenhagen in Denmark (I try to awoid the big arena concerts and consentrate on small clubgigs)
If anyone feel for dowload som, or all, of those concerts from my Y.T. acount and make some torrents of them just feel free to do so and shere them furter.
All concerts is shot with permision from the bands who also agree to share them furter.
I use a cheep hand held cam. (Sanyo Xacti) and use the sound from the cam.
So the quality isnt perfeckt but good enogh to watch.
If someone have the time and lust to upload them as torrents I have all posters signed so just contact me if anyone want to use the signed posters and all signed photos for artwork or as a part of documented memorys, I will send then to you. (not the orginals but copys of them)
So check out my Y.T-cannal:

You Tube---->Winteringhippie

LOVE, PEACE and UNDERSTADING to you all in cyberspace

Tanx in advance:

The Blues isnt strange ;~)

2013-03-29, 02:08 AM
What media format do you have them on?

Digital, analogue?

Where are you located?

I wouldn't mind uploading a few, but I'm in the US. I'm sure you could get a few others to hop on as well, but we need to know what you think is worth it, as far as sending stuff around.