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2013-02-19, 04:36 AM
Hi Guys & Gals,
I'd never heard of lossless files before today after I installed Golden Ear on my iPhone. I've gotta say that I can't wait to start downloading & sharing.
Anyway, I have Accudio & now Golden Ear on my phone & I'm using Klipsh x10's for earphones and I was wondering if you guys knew of any better apps that will improve my listening experience.

2013-02-20, 02:50 PM
A decent hi-fi.

2013-02-20, 03:17 PM
A decent hi-fi.

I'm assuming, seeing as you've got this far, that you actually can read. But still all you've got to offer is that.
Here was me thinking that this was a friendly board where people could come and ask for advice but all I get is juvenile comments like that. How wrong was I.

2013-02-20, 09:26 PM
I'm using Cappriccio instead of Golden Ear and it's working well for me.


2013-02-23, 04:53 AM
Cheers J, I'll have a look at that.