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2013-02-18, 12:09 PM
I have some McLaughlin in my tape collection, some has been out there, and what i need is help with set lists, and also help determining if any circulatiing copies are around. I can get an mp3 copy (only for research, a nice lossless copy will be torrented if show is worth it) to those to help with set lists via ftp server, or a possible file sharing site, if you know a good one?
If anybody wants to help, PM me please.
I did one transfer so far 1986 07 09 John McLaughlin & Mahavishnu - Fabrik,
Hamburg FM 1st generation
transfer info
Nakamichi CR-7A cassette deck>Tascam US-122L>
Sound Forge Pro 10.0 (record/edits/resample)>FLAC Level 8

Does anybody know official name of this band and line up?

I can't do many of them at present, as I often transfer master tapes for other people. But for years I have wanted to do my own McLaughlin collection. Before the tapes go bad, I started at least!

Another I'm looking at is 7/85 John McLaughlin - North Sea Festival,
Den Haag FM

I saw an 86 video, which I guess this could be from? It's FM and nice sounding. Exact date anybody? Is this out there?

2013-02-18, 05:42 PM
The band was merely called 'Mahavishnu'

By 1986, the line up was

John McLaughlin - Guitars
Bill Evans - Saxes
Jonas Hellborg - Bass
Danny Gottlieb - Drums
Jim Beard -Keys

Mitchell Forman was Keys in the first lineup, 1984 thru 85

July 1985 was probably a duo gig with Jonas Hellborg - they were at the RFH, London on 19/7/85, and operations with Mahavishnu didn't restart until August

There's a McLaughlin gig list here


Mahavishnu (3b)
Fabrik Club; Hamburg; Germany 9/7/86 (that's 9th July 1986)

2013-02-18, 10:07 PM

Thanks that helps! It appears that etree lists that date as Frankfurt. Fantastic the giglist you gave me confirms the venue!! I don't see how the taper Till Anderson would get it wrong, he did not! The sound is pretty good! And yes the 7/85 is with Hellborg, and it sounds fantastic! It is FM, and is probably not the London shows. the date may be undocumented. I set levels (and listened), and will transfer soon. Look for these shows to premiere here. Thanks again for the help!
I have a German friend or two at Zappateers who may help me with the set list, as some spoken word from the DJ may clue us in.
The tapes have some FM hiss, but sound nice still, they will of course not be messed with. They sound 1st gen! One bummer on both the last song is faded out to DJ. I'm also using a Nak CR 7A deck, and it kicks ass if you don't mind some subtle hiss, I bet the masters are fantastic, too bad Till is no longer active. I secured these tapes around 1989. I have more too from Till. I know some have circulated, but these low gens are going to be hard to beat.