View Full Version : burning cd with tracks+cue on mac

2012-12-24, 03:13 PM
Can someone tell me how I can burn a cd with wav tracks and a cue file on a mac?

The program Burn doesn't seem to handle it. They are wav tracks and the cue is written for wav tracks. I know i could just drag the wav tracks into Burn and it will burn the cd, but then it loses all the pre-gap info in the cue file and the resulting cd will not be spaced properly.

There must be some way to do this. Anyone know?

2012-12-26, 06:20 AM
according to this Burn will do it

Toast will burn from a cue as well...and I believe there's a way using the built in burner [or command line with drutil], requires opening the cue file and choose save as disk image i believe [never done it, so not positive on steps]