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2012-12-03, 09:23 PM
Hi, I got win7 64 now and cannot get flac front end (1.71) to save any fingerprint. The text file is empty.

i used run as admin, selected flac file, not selected, single, multiple, no luck

any ideas?


2012-12-04, 06:41 AM
try Traders Little Helper, much better program across the board and fairly certain its Win7 compatible


2012-12-09, 05:20 AM
i prefer flac frontend for encoding + fingerprinting flac, but i have never been able to successfully run Frontend on my laptop (XP)

so i just use TLH when working on the lap top. it has a lot more features but i find it uses more cpu

2012-12-09, 05:29 AM
I use TLH, never tried Flac Frontend...Only complaint about TLH is that occurred is spelled wrong at the end of the st5 runs...

st5 fingerprints:

a82a8cf446e36249ce9b19c2568941e1 [shntool] lofs 2012-12-0801.flac
8934e84ebc64993e05348950e8b66cbc [shntool] lofs 2012-12-0802.flac
9dd962f1fdfce1dac0993e7364a6ff93 [shntool] lofs 2012-12-0803.flac
9edb93450b19e63cb0f880ac433a8569 [shntool] lofs 2012-12-0804.flac
55d7bd7a77d73c67ceb59a253fe485c8 [shntool] lofs 2012-12-0805.flac
3bd6d1433b89f921b150c28a37b47d3f [shntool] lofs 2012-12-0806.flac
768118a27aa7ee37605e56cb33fd1aa7 [shntool] lofs 2012-12-0807.flac
fa5a1b6cf51911ef10a0078ea49791e3 [shntool] lofs 2012-12-0808.flac
624b14e494502ce459b182613f191bb5 [shntool] lofs 2012-12-0809.flac
817aff6457ccaf21192c2940e63f7401 [shntool] lofs 2012-12-0810.flac
c6e7897b6ebeb273042844001cc9baff [shntool] lofs 2012-12-0811.flac
142a4d1e13c68cc59654da5565ffe5f6 [shntool] lofs 2012-12-0812.flac

No errors occured.