View Full Version : stand alone media player help (avchd player)

2012-11-29, 04:48 PM
I have been researching on the net for the best stand alone media player for all my video and audio files but have not had any luck.

I'm looking for a unit with a USB input and will play all video formats specifically avchd (mts) along with FLAC. The Western Digital TV Live media player I have will not play avchd files and only freezes up when I attempt to open one. Of course a nice netflix interface is a must as well.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

2012-11-30, 06:02 AM
How about the AC Ryan Playon! HD2 (http://acryan.com/sg/playonhd/2-playonhd2.html) (no Netflix) or the AC Ryan VEOLO Smart Android Hub (http://acryan.com/sg/buy-now/8-veolo-smart-android-hub.html)?

2012-11-30, 06:33 AM
That looks very tempting, but do you know of anything closer to the $100 dollar range? I'm probably thinking too low when it comes to price I'm sure.

Thanks for the response btw.

2012-11-30, 07:31 AM
http://www.xtreamer.net/xtreamer-elvira.aspx (No LAN/Wireless possible) €49.00 + € 25.00 shipping costs (Ex VAT etc.).