View Full Version : Ratio not updating?

2012-10-03, 05:26 AM
Hi all,

Just joined yesterday and I am currently seeding Buddy Guy 2012-09-28... my average upload seems to be around 24 kB/s, but my ratio isn't updating... the site isn't saying I'm firewalled... what should I do?


2012-10-03, 08:53 AM
It says your ratio is 0.03 at the moment. There aren't any leechers on any of the torrents your seeding at the moment. Hang in there, keep your client open and you'll get there one day.

2012-10-04, 07:39 AM
lol, all right thanks. I guess I just need to be patient. Are there are torrents popular enough that they always need seeders? I'd love to seed SOMETHING that gets me a really good ROI.

Thanks for the help!